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Simply picking out a dog or puppy is one thing. Quite another is receiving a lifetime of support, guidance, and education on how to raise and to develop a healthy dog. Our meticulous research and attention to detail, along with our genuine love of animals will have you well on your way!
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European Imports, Impressive Lineage

Cane Corso Italianos

Sangue Regale is a small family-owned and operated kennel that specializes in purebred Cane Corso Italianos Dogs. All of our breeding stock are European imports with an impressive lineage. We strive to provide our buyers with the best European working dogs/puppies that money can buy. We typically have puppies and young adults available year around. We strive to place our dogs and puppies in the correct home, and with the correct owner through temperament testing, and through our general knowledge about the breeds.


323 E Rancho Rd
Hobbs, NM 88242-0500

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Good Fit

Some of our dogs and puppies are not meant for novice dog owners. Please be aware that we will ask many questions about potential buyers, such as their home life, their other pets, and their families prior to placing them in the buyers home. We want to make sure they’re a good fit! We do this for the buyers protection as well as the dog/puppies protection. We do offer lifetime support for our buyers. We encourage everyone to come to New Mexico to choose your dog/puppy. We do offer shipping, to meet at a destination, or delivery for a fee. If you’re looking for a Cane Corso puppy breeder that truly puts the welfare of the animals at the forefront, look no further.

Health and Well-Being

All puppies are started on Neopar(parvo vaccine) and dewormed at 2 weeks of age, again at 4 weeks of age, then the 7way and dewormed at 6, 8, 10, and 12 weeks of age. This ensures that the buyer purchases a puppy that is protected from Parvo, even if the buyer takes the puppy home at 8wks of age. We do not allow any puppy to leave prior to 8wks. We guarantee each puppy for 26 months against crippling hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, and any other genetic defect. We fully believe in health testing. We want each buyer to feel confident about purchasing his/her new addition to the family. Weibes Haus is dedicated to providing the general public with the K9 protection that they deserve!